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Learn about Baracoda, the people that help us achieve greatness, and our vision to improve access to preventive health.

Vision and history 

Discover Baracoda's vision and history in creating IoT healthtech that empowers users to take charge of their health.

Culture and people 

Get to know Baracoda's culture and people by reading what our employees around the world have to say about working at Baracoda.

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R&D, AI & Innovation services 

Explore Baracoda's full range of R&D, AI & Innovation services to design, develop, and manufacture your innovative products.

Product innovation lab services 

Learn how our product innovation lab supports you as you ideate, test, fail, and scale when developing a useful product that engages users daily.

Custom Software Development 

Access our custom software development services to get bespoke software for your needs thanks to our full-stack expertise.

Hardware Design & Engineering 

Discover our engineering and hardware system design services and build connected products to enhance your customer experience.

IoT Manufacturing & Assembly 

Use our expert assembly and manufacturing services to put together complex, IoT products and components.

Certifications & Medical Devices 

Learn about Baracoda's facility and product certifications that state we make high-quality products and medical devices safely.

Boost user engagement with connected tech 

Enhance your engagement by collecting more user data to develop tools that help them create good habits so they want to continue to use your products.

AI for Health

AI & Engagement Platform for Digital-Led Care 

Access BConnect to fast-track the development of smart devices and digital apps that improve daily care.


Come learn how Baracoda innovates to maximize user impact in preventive health by working with a scientific board and beta testers.


Connected Health & Medtech 

Read about our connected health and medical technology that empowers users to take control of their health and create smart daily habits.

Develop Smart Consumer Products 

Uncover how connected consumer packaged goods provide customer value and lead to long-term loyalty.

The Future of Connected Beauty 

Discover how connected beauty products are reshaping the industry by creating new ways to interact with customers.

Smart Industrial Technology 

Learn how connected industry technology can extend the life of legacy machines and reduce costs.



Explore Baracoda's resources including customer stories, press releases, white papers, events, and more.

Customer Story: Colgate 

Discover how Colgate and Baracoda built a sleek toothbrush with AI to improve oral health at home.

Customer Story: NextMotion 

Learn how NextMotion and Baracoda worked together to develop a mobile app for patients to remotely provide health data to aestheticians.

Customer Story: Wella 

Read about our work with Wella to update the salon experience with AR tech, 3D imaging, and new customer touchpoints.

Customer Story: Pierre Fabre 

Discover how Baracoda's health technology was integrated into Pierre Fabre's in-store mirrors to provide a personalized shopping experience.

Press Page 

Discover Baracoda's press room for information on our awards, press mentions, and media kit.

Baracoda in the news 

Discover the complete list of news articles featuring Baracoda and our innovative products.


Read our blog articles to discover our best practices, industry insights, and latest research on a variety of topics!

Feature toggles in trunk-based development for Android 

Discover how adding feature toggles helps introduce large code changes without causing issues in trunk-based development.

Leveraging P/Invoke for software design in Unity 

Learn how to address the various issues with inserting DllImport in your codebase while using P/INVOKE to call unmanaged methods from inside Unity.

How to transfer an AI in the Cloud to a web app 

Learn how we transfer an AI algorithm in the Cloud on the server-side to a web app with a multi-process architecture that makes each session safe.

XcodeGen — A step forward to good collaboration 

Discover how our tech experts use XcodeGen to alleviate common git conflits in Xcode project files and learn about our favorite advanced features.

How to write custom lint rules to maintain naming conventions 

Learn everything you need to know to write custom lint rules so you can maintain naming conventions.

How to build an iOS framework for distribution with Bazel 

Learn how your software development teams can use Bazel to build an iOS framework for distribution.

AI for Hyper Personalization: 4 Steps to Upgrade Your Customer Journey 

Discover how to use AI for hyper personalization. Integrate AI-powered tools at each step of the customer journey to create an engaging experience and drive sales.

How to talk to unmanaged code from Unity efficiently using P/Invoke 

Learn how you can use P/Invoke to combine managed C# code from your Unity projects with unmanaged code in native plugins.

Why you should use Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile 

Learn about the best practices when using Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, the mobile part of this Android programming language.

Start Android automation testing in 5 minutes 

Learn how to start Android automation testing using Appium, JUnit5, and Kotlin in just five minutes on either Windows or Linux.

Why the future of elderly care means integrating connected technology 

Learn why the future of senior care will include more connected technology to meet the rising need for healthcare and help elderly adults age better.

Monorepo & Continuous Integration 

Discover the best practices to manage only one Continuous Integration (CI) configuration at the monorepo level.

CES 2023 Healthtech Trends 

Discover the latest healthtech trends and industry predictions based on brand new innovations exhibited at CES 2023.

Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards 2023: BBalance 

BBalance was honored in Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards for 2023 in the wellness category.

Soignons les gens en bonne santé 

Découvrir « Soignons les gens en bonne santé ! » le nouveau livre de Thomas Serval le CEO et co-fondateur de Baracoda.

CES 2023: BHeart 

Read about BHeart, Baracoda's newest wearable innovation and the world’s first health tracker powered entirely by the user

CES 2023: BBalance Coaching App 

Discover Baracoda's new personalized coaching experience for BBalance, the world’s first smart bath mat.

CES 2022: BCool Award 

Learn about BCool, the Battery-Free, Mercury-Free, Eco-Friendly Connected Thermometer that was a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree.

CES 2022: Bathroom of the Future 

Learn about Baracoda Daily Healthtech's vision and innovations for the connected bathroom of the future that we unveiled at CES 2022.

CES 2022: BBalance Award 

Learn about BBalance Bath Mat, the CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree that uses AI and footprint recognition for self-care at home

Meet BBalance, the Smart Bath Mat 

Discover how BBalance, the world's first smart bath mat built to fit seamlessly into users' daily lives and reinvent their relationships with their bodies.

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