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Pick and choose the services you need or get the full package of product innovation, complex software development, hardware conception, and quality product manufacturing to create a turnkey consumer product.

Discover our unique end-to-end approach

Gain access to our cross-functional teams that bring together a variety of expertise in everything from data science and AI + IoT design to software development, engineering, manufacturing, deployment, and worldwide distribution. In addition to our end-to-end approach, we offer advisory services to help you finetune your ideas and vision so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Product designers and innovators during a Design Thinking workshop

Innovation lab

Imagine, test, and launch new products to stay ahead of the latest shifts in your industry. Access innovation experts who evaluate the product-market fit of your solution before it launches.

A software platform to fast-track your product development

For the past two decades Baracoda has been a trailblazer in innovation, our success is marked by 10 CES awards and transformative collaborations with global brands. This extensive experience now culminates in BConnect to help you upgrade your product development process.

Screen from NextMotion app

We built a global medical imaging platform

Nextmotion needed to render its medical imaging technology more accessible so customers could use it before entering an office to meet with an aesthetician. For this they reached out to Baracoda to develop an iOS application, back-end solution, and website for doctors and patients. This partnership resulted in surgeons around the world using the application as well as NextMotion asking Baracoda to take over the full scope of the technical platform in 2020.

The NextMotion platform was selected among the 10 most innovative startups in the aesthetic industry (IMCAS 2021) and was named the No. 1 Innovative Solution in Aesthetics (AIME Award 2019).

Engineers in the workshop

Meet our engineers and developers

Our experts offer R&D and tech innovation services to accelerate your project by leveraging our ready-to-use development platform. For each project, we select a cross-functional team for your needs. From specialized expertise in IoT architecture and development to leading entire projects, we support you throughout your product creation. We use an agile development methodology to deliver quality IoT and digital solutions.

Manufacturers working with machinery

Certified manufacturing standards

We are committed to helping you deliver consistent, quality products that are designed and developed according to global standards. We are certified ISO 9001 for design, development, and mass production and we also have certification ISO 13485 for medical device manufacturing.

“We had a great experience working with Baracoda’s development teams to create our Decathlon Apple Watch app. Their expertise in the necessary yet complex frameworks to build the app was an asset to the project. Overall, we are pleased with both the quality of the output as well as the support and knowledge sharing they provided to our teams throughout the project.”

Sabine Deloffre
Group Product Manager, Decathlon

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IoT product development?

IoT product development includes all end-to-end services to create and deploy bespoke, connected products, including software development, hardware, firmware, manufacturing, and assembly. These products may include complex data collection and analysis capabilities and may need to integrate into existing IoT ecosystems.

How do you create smart products?

  1. Determine the problem you want to solve
  2. Design and build the prototype of your solution
  3. Work with experts to finalize the design and develop your product
  4. Manufacture and Assemble your product
  5. Acquire any product certifications and regulatory approvals

Why do you need a product development process to build connected devices?

By putting an IoT product development process in place, you can build your product quickly and efficiently, while taking into consideration IoT security, product flexibility, sourcing, and testing. These elements can slow down production when they are not built into the product development process.