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How to use AI for hyper-personalization

With a growing arsenal of AI-based tools and technologies, it's now easier than ever to drive sales through individual experiences and continuous customer engagement. Download the replay below to learn more.

[Past event] 1 June 2023


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Make your customer experience stand out

Recent inflation has caused consumer spending to slow, and businesses are looking for ways to optimize their operations and control costs.

73% of consumers expect more interactions with AI to improve customer service quality. How can brands use AI technologies to create hyper-personalized shopping experiences with new and existing customers?

Baracoda is pleased to invite you to watch the replay of our webinar where we show concrete ways you can use AI-based tools to generate growth at different points of sale.

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Meet our Experts

Nadia Biryukova

Nadia Biryukova

Lead Communication Manager

Dieu-Sang Ly

Dieu-Sang Ly

Senior Data Scientist & Computer Vision Engineer

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On the agenda:

  • How are generative AI tools like Chat GPT reshaping the e-commerce experience?
  • How is virtual try-on technology boosting retail ROI by targeting customers at home?
  • How can we innovate for consumers in a cost-efficient, scalable way?

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