We helped a global brand change the way the world brushes.

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#colgate #toothbrush #healthtech #innovation

Colgate, the worldwide leader in oral health products, became official partners with Baracoda in 2016 after seeing our CES-winning toothbrush, Ara.

“Our external innovation team became aware of the Ara brush and was intrigued by its positive impact on an individual’s brushing habits and, combined with Colgate’s reach, the potential it could have on the world’s oral health,” Dr. Patricia Verduin, Chief Technology Officer at Colgate.


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The challenge

The teams wanted to design and produce a smart toothbrush that fit both the function and lifestyle needs of Colgate's customers.

What we did

By integrating a Bluetooth chip and AI algorithms into Colgate’s Hum toothbrush, Baracoda made it possible to track its position in the mouth with 95% accuracy. We then connected it to a smartphone app, and in doing so, our technology made the invisible visible. Baracoda’s technology analyzes unbrushed or under brushed areas, creating an entirely new oral health index: surface coverage.

We used Colgate’s existing data to improve user experience

Colgate explains that its "first smart toothbrush, E1, was the sole toothbrush available on the Apple store. This product allowed Colgate teams to provide us with user toothbrushing data from Apple ResearchKit. As a result, we gained new insights into user preferences and brushing patterns, which improved the innovation process of what later became the hum toothbrush."

Hannah Payne, Global Director of Connected Health noted that thanks to "ResearchKit, Colgate conducted the largest at-home brushing study to date. Because the smart brush learned from over 1 million at-home brushings, it was able to get comprehensive data from all 16 zones of the mouth."

Together we created a toothbrush that differentiates itself from other smart toothbrushes

hum by Colgate was designed with the consumer in mind to create a more accessible smart electric toothbrush to help more people brush better,” explained Vice President, Marketing North America Bill van de Graaf. “It also meets the consumer demand for a lightweight and sleek toothbrush that delivers a powerful clean. For consumers, good habits are key to staying happy and healthy, and they prefer brands that help them build those habits in easy and fun ways.”


The end result is something we can all be proud of—Colgate Hum users increased brushing time by 250% and brushed surfaces by 20%. Today, the Hum toothbrush has amassed hundreds of thousands of users, who have completed several tens of millions of brushing sessions!

"Connected health devices like the new Colgate® Smart Electronic Toothbrush provide a valuable opportunity to enable people to monitor their health and wellness."

Dr. Patricia Verduin
Chief Technology Officer, Colgate-Palmolive Company

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