Drive engagement to unlock new growth opportunities

Get to know your customers and patients better than anyone else by integrating AI and connected technology into your products. Develop tools that collect and analyze user data to share personalized insights and recommendations that help them upgrade their health and wellness routines. As a result, provide increased value to customers with engagement-driven products.

Sparking engagement across industries

Harness connected technology to gather user data that contains valuable insights into customer routines, including how and when they use products and services or follow medical treatments. Tailor your offerings to these findings to help customers foster positive habits, thereby increasing engagement.

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Foster education & treatment adherence with connected tech and AI

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Benefits: Treatment adherence, understanding health needs

Tracking patient treatment is essential for understanding how effective a medication is in the short and long term. To encourage treatment adherence, pharmaceutical companies must provide therapeutic education to help patients understand their medical issues, how the treatment works, and why it is critical to adhere to it carefully. They need to find ways to observe and track how patients apply their treatments to give them personalized and motivating feedback. Our technology embeds AI and Computer Vision into connected devices and mobile apps to collect various behavioral and health data, allowing pharmaceutical companies to improve therapeutic results.

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Optimize impact with accurate user data

Industry: Medical Device Providers

Use cases: Treatment adherence, health education

Enhance the device outcome for end users by learning about patients’ habits and tracking their ongoing health journeys thanks to comprehensive data collection. From agetech to implantable devices, diagnostic equipment, and more, you need to know if your product provides the necessary support and whether users follow additional health instructions to optimize results. With connected devices and AI gesture-tracking algorithms, access real-time data on the impact of your medical device, then use this data to provide therapeutic education and advice to help users stay healthy or heal.

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Provide personalized insights for customer loyalty

Industry: Consumer Health

Good user habits: Proactive health choices, regular health screening at home

Creating engaging experiences develops repeat business and customer loyalty. Integrating tools like AI, Augmented Reality, and Computer Vision into users’ daily routines is an effective way to track user habits. For example, a connected toothbrush monitors the user’s brushing efficacy and duration, sharing feedback on how each user can improve their brushing style and thus their health. Use the data insights to create new, engaging offers and provide personalized feedback to help customers adopt healthier habits and track personal improvements. They will be pleased to see their achievements and this satisfaction will increase customer retention.

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Reduce insurance costs while empowering healthier customers

Industry: Health Insurance

Use cases: Learning about long-term health, encouraging healthier habits

A clear understanding of each customer’s current health status is necessary to manage risk and calculate the potential cost of disease. By developing products that track whether customers have good hygiene habits, insurance companies calculate whether clients are more or less likely to retain good long-term health. Then, foster better health decisions with connected products by providing personalized coaching to promote both basic hygiene practices and specific medication adherence practices to more accurately track the ROI of various treatments.

Leverage dashboards to optimize customer practices

In order to help patients and customers engage in better habits, collect, analyze, and share data to understand how each user could improve their actions. Organize your findings and build comprehensive dashboards that translate the raw data into actionable insights for both your users and business.

‣ Monitor user behavior to enhance value

Build a data platform to aggregate all client or patient data to monitor how they use your products or how they follow treatment plans. Build custom dashboards in the backend to analyze data, gain user insights, and translate this information into optimized strategies for improving customer loyalty, customer retention, and patient adherence in order to maximize your revenue.

‣ Empower customers to make good choices

Data dashboards offer an opportunity to communicate personal insights to users about their habits and needs. After collecting and analyzing the data, translate the findings into easy-to-read user dashboards that offer customized recommendations on how to make small changes to their existing routines in order to improve the user experience and well-being. As a result, users feel understood and supported, leading to greater customer satisfaction and product adoption.

Build tools to amplify engagement

To create thorough dashboards you must collect continuous, detailed data. Discover the best way to interact with your users and track their habits so you can continue to provide more value. Construct a solution with engagement at its core to collect as much user information as possible while encouraging customer loyalty and treatment adherence.

Fast-track the development of smart devices, AI algorithms, and mobile apps with BConnect’s configurable software platform.

Connected objects

Upgrade existing products with AI and IoT capabilities to create unique experiences, differentiate your offer from competitors, and seamlessly collect customer data. Analyze this data and develop user dashboards that offer personalized insights to encourage customers to continue using the device. By combining this with a smart device, you increase the value of your product for end users by helping them access the full benefits of the device. Build your smart devices with cross-hardware firmware, device connectivity SDKs, and BLE connectivity for easy use.

Mobile applications

Build scalable mobile apps integrated with coaching exercises and gamification to encourage user engagement and increase data collection. Incentives like redeemable points and special discounts promote continued customer use. Add push notifications, reminders, and live support for more user touchpoints and customization options. Mobile applications work well as hubs to collect, analyze, and display information from wearables and connected devices so users can see all of their personal or household data in one common space.

AI algorithms

Augmented Reality and Computer Vision-enabled features facilitate user gesture and habit tracking. With cloud and edge computing, conveniently store and send user data across devices. Combine computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms to continually track metrics, detect or predict changes, and offer feedback to users to maximize their benefits from the device. These algorithms encourage product adoption, user retention, and use of the full range of product features. Allow users to share their data with health professionals, insurers, family members, and more.

"Adherence with glaucoma medications is a fundamental problem in the care of glaucoma patients as up to 50% of patients fail to receive the intended benefits of the treatment".

Source: National Library of Medicine

Implement findings & enhance value

With access to comprehensive, new information, adjust your offerings to enrich the value provided to customers based on their data-backed needs. New experiences and products built with extensive customer research and data collection encourage repeat business and customer loyalty. As a result, amassing and analyzing this data not only allows you to help customers develop good habits but also has a positive impact on your brand’s revenue.

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