Culture & People

Bringing together innovators from around the world.

Our team is diverse in many ways - from their age, background, culture, and area of expertise. This blend ensures that our ideas on how to change the daily lives of users through innovative healthtech products are diverse and creative, allowing us to develop the most impactful solutions. While we take pride in this diversity, we all share one central belief: that technology plays an integral part in helping people be healthier and live better.

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How we attract the best of the best

People join us because they want to be part of an adventure. Because they are drawn to our intrapreneur culture and our mission to bring Daily Healthtech to the masses. They join us because they too, see the value of hard work - and even find value in failure. At Baracoda, we focus on recruiting engaged, innovative talent in every field to join our community. In turn, we are committed to their continuous development. We take pride in creating an environment where talent, creativity, and innovation are cherished.

Our team members are inspired by the challenge to contribute to and invent truly disruptive daily healthtech. This is why they join us and why they say they stay.

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Looking to the next generation

Partnering with the academic world.

Each year, we welcome eager interns and apprentices, with backgrounds in marketing, engineering, sales, and HR. Managers and employees alike are committed to supporting their development and empowering them daily and ultimately helping them kick off their professional careers. We train the talents of tomorrow - half of whom we recruit at the end of their studies.

Our values


We strive to provide a safe work environment in every respect


We think smart and focus on developing skills, talent, and community learning


We build long-term, trustworthy relationships with our employees and clients


We focus on improving the everyday lives of our employees by providing a flexible work environment


We are open-minded, creative, international, and inclusive


We are not afraid to be ambitious in our recruitment and performance standards


We keep it simple with an open door policy, limited hierarchy, and transparency in all that we do


We remember to be playful and integrate fun and collaboration whenever possible


We focus on you, our talent and the true heart of our company

Our Executive Team

Thomas Serval

Thomas Serval

Co-Founder & CEO

Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud

Co-Founder & CTO

Matthieu Delporte

Matthieu Delporte

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Sophie André

Sophie André

Chief People Officer

Stéphane Labrunie

Stéphane Labrunie

Chief Business Officer

Jean-Marc Druesne

Jean-Marc Druesne

Chief Marketing Officer

Aleksander Palka

Aleksander Palka

Head of Software

Mickael Bouffaut

Mickael Bouffaut

Head of Engineering

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A place to grow

I arrived at Baracoda as a versatile intern in charge of the creation of a product mock-up from a new idea. After 6 months, thanks to the help and advice of all the experts reunited in Baracoda, the result was a success at CES 2020. After having achieved my engineering degree, Baracoda decided to continue this project and gave me the chance to participate in the development. My daily work is to learn from experts and apply new skills on BBalance.

Close up of R&D Manager
Gauthier de Rouzé
R&D Manager
Close up of Lead Product Manager

Bright minds and open arms

At Baracoda I work with energetic, curious, and diverse people across teams to develop our product ideas in the innovation lab. It's rewarding to watch our projects progress and see how they improve the daily lives of users. Working with so many brilliant minds allows me to learn about different industries and develop new skills.

Close up of Lead Product Manager
Huong Le Dieu
Lead Product Manager