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Discover how our expertise in IoT innovation can help you revolutionize the beauty retail experience or create game-changing smart products for your customer.

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Create the next generation of beauty products

From buying products in a store to arriving home with the purchase, the experience of engaging with beauty companies hasn’t changed much while the market has continued to saturate. Our vision of beauty focuses on creating new touch points with customers. With connected technology, we design unique experiences where your customers engage with your products in a more personal way. Our connected solutions will upgrade the retail experience and help your customers feel satisfied and beautiful in their skin.

of women report spending more time and money on skincare than before the pandemic.

The age of the beauty routine

Beauty routines are more than just going through the motions. A routine is a moment of relaxation, of taking care of our mental and physical health. And consistency is key, especially for skincare routines, where adhering to a routine is what allows for product efficacy. That’s why we build innovations to be the ideal beauty assistants for users. By breaking down the morning and evening routines, we create technology that makes daily actions more efficient.

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We designed a hair salon experience with AR features

Wella wanted to revolutionize the hair salon experience, so they consulted Baracoda for our IoT development expertise. Together, we created an innovative smart mirror for hairdressers and salon owners.

The Wella smart mirror includes AI, AR tutorials, 3D visualization, voice commands, and face and object recognition. The result is an immersive and personalized experience for all clients who go to the salon. Beyond developing the mirror itself, its system is integrated with Wella's customer management system, enabling improved customer communication outside of the salon experience.

AR makeup testing

Paving the way for the future of beauty

Our innovation lab is designed for high-quality products in a flexible environment where we discover, ideate, and prototype connected beauty products such as wearables and smart mirrors. With access to beta tester insights and market research, our team helps you conceptualize and build the perfect solution for your users. Our innovative framework allows us to ideate and prototype new IoT products in three to six months.

Testing connected products

Building beauty products with ease

Regardless of what stage you start at, don’t waste time looking for multiple partners to help design, develop, manufacture, and assemble your innovation. Discover our end-to-end services for your product development needs. We offer detailed product advice and create custom solutions to fit the beauty experience you want to curate in any space.

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Discovering the intersection of beauty and AIoT

Our full-stack AIoT platform allows developers to easily build products that will fit seamlessly into your customers’ beauty routines. Transform your products into a next-gen consumer experience thanks to our low-code AI and IoT platform.

Types of features your beauty innovation can include

Personalized 3D avatars

Facial recognition

Virtual try on

Gesture recognition

Skin analysis

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technological trends in the cosmetic industry?

The beauty and cosmetic industry has made several advancements in integrating innovative technologies to provide personalized customer experiences and analyses to increase customer engagement. Brands employ AI applications such as machine learning and computer vision, as well as augmented reality, virtual reality, data visualization, and Internet of Things (IoT).

What are connected or smart beauty products?

Devices enabled with IoT technology are used to enhance the beauty experience in various ways, such as digital skincare monitoring, smart haircare, augmented reality beauty product testing, personalized recommendations, and wellness monitoring through wearable beauty devices.

What is connected wellness?

Connected wellness is an increasingly popular concept where consumers access virtual experiences or smart products such as at-home skin analysis, mirrors with virtual try-ons for hairstyles and makeup, and wearables that track stress levels to improve their holistic well-being and inner and outer beauty. Through user health monitoring, these devices extract and analyze beauty data insights to provide users with custom product and procedure recommendations.

How is AI used in beauty?

AI has many applications in the beauty industry from AI beauty device product development, to new retail customer communication channels, and unique user experiences to provide personalized product recommendations for each customer.