Create durable connected industry products

Explore how custom smart technologies make industrial processes more efficient and safe.

Connected industrial equipment

Improve industrial processes with connected systems and products

Understanding how to digitally transform your industrial facilities is a daunting task, yet the investment has proven to pay off massively. Design and develop IIoT products and systems integrated together to improve plant management, collect data with smart sensors, make legacy equipment connected, enhance on-site safety, and create more durable machines.

of industrial leaders say that AI and IoT are the most impactful technologies for the industrial workspace.

Industrial workforce insights

Our durable products and IIoT systems optimize machine data collection, providing insights into the asset condition. Monitoring machines and production lines with predictive systems improves traceability, increases yield, and identifies issues earlier. With our AIoT platform, combine machine data with third-party inputs to build predictive quality models. Also, connect expensive legacy equipment without having to prematurely buy the next generation of machines.

Industrial machinery

Innovating together for industrial needs

Together let’s create a custom IIoT solution to optimize your machinery processes and better track core metrics. Reactive maintenance is costly, increases the mean time to failure, and heightens health and safety concerns. Our innovation lab designs systems and products to help you track metrics like real-time machine status, OEE, throughput, production volume, water flow rate, electrical power, MTBF, vibration, and more.

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All-in-one product development services

Our experts make ISO 9001 and ISO 13485-certified products and systems that are easy to install and scalable for industrial environments. The product development process is efficient, from software, hardware, and firmware development, to manufacturing and assembly. Connect new and existing machines to a single system for secure data aggregation and analysis without relying on factory networks.

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Create smart industrial technology faster

Easily integrate AI and IIoT technology into your industrial products with our low-code platform to improve your processes with automation and virtualization. Your developers will spend less time replicating existing code, and simply customize our pre-existing blocks for faster and cheaper development.

Types of features your industrial innovation can include

Process automation

Advanced simulations

Digital twin technology

Machine Learning Ops

Predictive maintenance

Asset monitoring

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