Turn ideas into innovative products

All products start as a simple idea.

Develop yours and enhance the lives and daily health routines of users.

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Incubate and accelerate ideas

Create new cutting-edge tech products to update the ways consumers adopt new daily habits. Access our 9-time CES award-winning lab to speed up your innovation process and offer new ways for your customers to take charge of their health.

Discover our innovation process

Failure is just another step in the process of creating something great, but this can be difficult if you don’t have a place to test and potentially fail without consequence. Our innovation lab supports you as you ideate, test, fail, learn, test again, and get early adopter feedback to develop a useful product. This process helps test your idea’s product-market fit to ensure it’s viable, feasible, and desirable.

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1. Discovery phase

  • Frame the problem that we want to solve
  • Question how to make an impact on users’ daily practices
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2. Ideation phase

0-6 months
  • Interview consumers to understand their needs related to health and wellness practices
  • Generate ideas for innovative solutions
  • Identify how the product impacts a daily health index
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3. Building phase

6-18 months
  • Iterate on prototypes to find the product-market fit
  • Speed up the product-market fit validation with a direct-to-consumers launch
  • Learn and iterate through our beta tester community
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4. Scaling phase

  • Optimize the go-to-market process
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Hum toothbrushes in different colors

Partnering with Colgate to change the way the world brushes

Looking for simple ways to help people take better care of their oral health, Colgate worked with Baracoda to develop and launch a line of connected toothbrushes. The technology, which tracks unbrushed or under brushed parts of the mouth, helped users increase brushing time by 250% and brushed surfaces by 20%.

Baracoda’s toothbrush technologies were selected for CES awards in both 2017 and 2018.

BConnect wall plug

Make your product smart

The world around us is becoming increasingly unified with smart objects blending into our everyday lives. Yet, creating connected products requires advanced and specialized engineering skills that you may not have in-house. We make it easy to integrate AI and IoT capabilities into your products with our low-code platform.

Hear from our innovation team

Cross-functional squads run each project and have access to widespread expertise teams for any project needs including R&D, design, technical development (back end, front end, firmware, mobile, etc.), manufacturing, UX, and more. From the spark of an idea to building the prototype, we help you develop new products at an unprecedented speed.

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Backed by science

For each project, we gather a scientific board composed of doctors and scientists. Their professional insights ensure that we develop technology in line with the latest medical standards and that the impact of our products is both relevant and accurate for users’ health concerns.

Testing gesture tracking technology

Get real user insights

Test your product with our community of beta testers so you can create innovations that speak to the true needs of your users. With invaluable user feedback throughout the innovation process, you can pivot quickly and easily to ensure you have the right product-market fit.

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