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We designed a mirror that analyzes your skin and hair

Smart mirror skin analysis
#PierreFabre #skincare #healthtech #innovation

#PierreFabre #skincare #healthtech #innovation

Pierre Fabre is a French multinational leader in pharmaceutical and dermocosmetics. They are committed to innovating sustainably in the search for new therapeutic or dermo-cosmetic solutions. With the goal of finding new partners to explore how digital technologies and connected objects can help them better meet patient and client needs, Pierre Fabre launched a partnership with Baracoda in 2019.

Together, we transformed the customer journey based on Pierre Fabre’s insights and expertise. This was possible thanks to our smart mirror with skin and hair analysis features that provides a personalized diagnosis and recommended routine for customers.

The challenge

Pierre Fabre wanted to differentiate itself from the competition by pushing its innovation efforts even further. They aimed to create a new, unique experience that engages customers and creates new digital touchpoints both in stores and online and used Baracoda’s IoT product development expertise to build this experience.

What we did

We combined our hardware, IoT expertise, Pierre Fabre’s core offering, and our partner Revieve’s AI algorithms to develop a custom, touchless smart mirror. This close partnership of over three years has not only expanded Pierre Fabre’s use of digital technology to better engage with customers but also provided a unique, personalized experience to guide customers toward the best products for their needs.

We expanded the digital transformation of Pierre Fabre’s in-store offerings

Customers want unique experiences and personalized offerings. By bringing the custom skin and hair analysis experience to Pierre Fabre’s flagship stores, all customers gain access to this innovative technology that provides them with personalized recommendations. This interactive experience distinguishes Pierre Fabre from competitors as they are the only ones with this technology in their stores. This was complemented with the upgrade of Pierre Fabre’s platforms to help them design a digital experience that is accessible to e-commerce customers as well.

We designed a tailor-made brand experience with new customer touchpoints

Our online and in-store smart mirror skin and hair analysis provides two new touchpoints with current and potential customers. It generates new leads by creating an engaging activity during which users want to give their contact information because they are eager to see their skin and hair results. This allows Pierre Fabre to not only follow up with users once they leave the store but also to send highly personalized content that relates to the results and recommendations of the user’s diagnosis.

We provide Pierre Fabre product users with a personalized skin and hair, diagnosis

Our smart mirror experience uses AI technology to analyze the user’s skin and hair to provide them with feedback on both positives and problem areas. The mirror analyzes a number of skin symptoms including redness, dryness, wrinkles, acne, and more to provide custom recommendations on which products the user should add to their routine and why. With connected technology, customers do not need to stress about where to start when choosing products; they already have a roadmap that lays out the solutions to their unique needs.


Our collaboration to improve Pierre Fabre’s digital customer experience has led to a personalized customer journey. We built a smart mirror that analyzes skin and hair to help customers understand what products they need in their routine. This customization has not only resulted in new touchpoints but also helped increase sales by leading people through the site to buy products that suit their needs and skin types.

Geraud Menu headshot

In our efforts to always put the client first, we are dedicated to continually searching for new ways to improve our customer journey. We are pleased to have worked with IoT product development expert, Baracoda to build a new user experience. Their smart mirrors which include live AI skin and hair analysis features provide a unique and highly personalized in-store experience that our customers love.

Geraud Menu headshot
Géraud Menu
Digital Innovation Manager, Pierre Fabre

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