We innovate to make a difference.

Our vision for daily healthtech is one of empowerment. That by helping people make small, data-backed changes to their daily habits with connected technology in their daily lives, they can greatly improve their global health and wellness. These preventive health care steps help identify and mitigate potential health issues before they arise.

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Personalizing the health & wellness journey

Our impact is felt in all areas of health and wellness. Not only do we develop connected products to measure health indexes, but we also care about the user’s well-being. That’s why our devices are designed to be seamless, smart versions of existing items in our daily routines. By collecting data without changing habits, we provide accurate results and personalized advice. This model ensures our invisible products don’t create stress.

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Getting serious about disease prevention

With people’s well-being on the line, we work closely with our board of scientists to make sure our innovative products are built to have a real and lasting impact on the health of our users. We bring medical-grade technology into the home to empower users to take charge of their health. Our IoT expertise and daily healthtech approach to innovation help doctors continue to shift the paradigm toward a more predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory (4P) model.

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Making sure the habits stick

In order to maximize the impact that our connected objects have on customers, we work with a beta tester group. They test products and provide feedback to ensure our products fit seamlessly into daily routines, which maximizes user adoption. By refining products with test consumers, we can ensure that our preventive health impact is felt as widely as possible.

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