Launch a new generation of connected consumer goods

Get ahead of the trends and upgrade everyday experiences by integrating your consumer packaged goods (CPG) with IoT technology.

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Bringing innovation to your CPG offering

E-commerce behavior and consumer demand change rapidly with whatever the newest devices are on the market. We help you understand which consumer habits will stick and how to produce unique products—not just gadgets that fall out of style with the next shiny toy on the market. Whether you have an idea or just a goal to get ahead, we support you at every step of the product development process.

faster go-to-market for new, digitally-enabled consumer products. They also have 33% lower costs and double the ROI.

Insights on consumer packaged goods

Newcomers are challenging existing products, and big groups feel pressured to keep up despite their structures that aren’t built for rapid innovation. Our devices have high adoption rates by fitting invisibly into the user’s existing routines. Companion apps display user data and gamify the experience with personal insights and action-based rewards. With growing concerns around data privacy, we ensure all products adhere to GDPR regulations.

Colgate customer story

Partnering with Colgate to change the way the world brushes

As the worldwide leader in oral health products, Colgate became official partners with Baracoda in 2016 to create a revolutionary, new connected toothbrush.

By integrating a Bluetooth chip and AI algorithms into Colgate’s Hum toothbrush, Baracoda made it possible to track its position in the mouth with 95% accuracy. We then connected it to a smartphone app, and in doing so, our technology made the invisible visible. Baracoda’s technology analyzes unbrushed or under brushed areas, creating an entirely new oral health index: surface coverage.

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Constructing a new direction for CPG

Let our corporate innovation lab track industry trends and develop prototypes for your next groundbreaking product. With access to beta testing groups, our innovation team can refine your product design to develop the best fit for your users. They also use beta testers to experiment with different types of gamification to discover what makes users the most engaged and excited to use our innovations.

Smart toothbrush

Manufacturing connected CPG

We take your idea and manufacture your custom hardware and firmware in our internationally-certified factory. With teams specialized in various types of manufacturing from electronics to plastics injection, you can build any consumer packaged goods with ease and high-quality guaranteed. Our facilities are capable of producing a wide variety of consumer products thanks to their special qualifications like ISO 9001.

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Easily and flexibly integrate AI

Help your development team upgrade your existing consumer products with AI and IoT technology thanks to our low-code platform. Consumers want more personalized experiences, even with everyday tools. Our AIoT platform is flexible and customizable so you can tailor each product system to your needs. It also works seamlessly with both Bluetooth and Matter to ensure all products are fully interoperable with your customers’ other devices and able to connect to their networks.

Types of features your CPG innovation can include

Gesture tracking

Battery-free usage


Personalized user tips

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IoT in the consumer industry?

This refers to integrating Internet of Things (IoT) technologies into consumer products and applications to collect, analyze, and share data with users. This includes devices as small as smart wearables and connected toothbrushes to large appliances such as smart refrigerators. The goal is to make everyday tasks easier and to provide insights into product use.

What is the difference between industrial IoT and consumer IoT?

Industrial IoT (IIoT) often refers to complex integrations of IoT technologies into infrastructure with more connectivity challenges like bandwidth, latency, and data access. IIoT is used for processes that enhance safety and productivity like predictive maintenance and digital twins. Consumer IoT (CIoT) on the other hand typically has simpler integrations seeking to improve individuals’ daily lives through positive, interconnected user experiences.

What is the difference between CPG and FMCG?

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are a subset of consumer packaged goods (CPG). FMCG are relatively cheap products that people purchase quickly and regularly, such as non-durable foods and household products. CPG is an umbrella term for products that consumers buy often but not always as frequently as FMCG. This includes everything from cosmetics to food to electronics and clothes.