We helped clients access the aesthetician’s office on the go

Nextmotion app

Nextmotion is an aesthetics imaging company that uses cutting-edge technology to resolve common pain points in the industry. It offers a series of digital solutions to help patients send medical images to doctors to spend less time managing clinical records during appointments.

NextMotion wanted to upgrade the aesthetic industry experience with a mobile app. Their specific iOS coding requirements led them to reach out to Baracoda in order to build their custom system and link it to an intranet website and a mobile application.

The Challenge

NextMotion wanted to develop an iOS application, back-end solution, and website for doctors and patients to make their technology more accessible so customers could use it before entering an office to meet with an aesthetician. They had high requirements in aesthetic surgery, such as multimedia quality, storage size, and data protection level and we could help them meet these requirements.

What we did

Our Baracoda teams developed a successful system used by surgeons around the world. Over the years, we have updated the platform and extended it into a rich ecosystem of applications and tools. We started the project in 2016 and took over the full scope of the technical platform in 2020 including application and backend/web development.

We navigated major updates to app development frameworks

The app was written right as SwiftUI had been released, so the first version of the app was on the first version of SwiftUI. Then, when the team was making updates to the app, they had to use the new version of SwiftUI. To navigate this change, the team used Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) with SwiftUI as the main framework for UI declarative development and then the Combine framework to process values (data/events) over time and unify the code.

We managed client requests for offline data synchronization

NextMotion wanted to integrate incremental offline data synchronization, particularly for recording the before and after treatment comparisons. Our backend team synchronized the server-client data to the clinic media data in the app’s media section. To ensure that this synch would run smoothly the team made sure only the changes since the previous synch would update as well as that all local data was pushed in the correct order to the server. Finally, the backend team used WebSockets to receive notifications about data changes on the backend and then launch the sync process on a device.

Emmanuel Elard

“Baracoda's advisory role on architecture and technology selection has been very helpful in the project development. I can also recommend their software development and project management skills.”

Emmanuel Elard
Emmanuel Elard
CEO & Founder at NextMotion

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