Democratizing access to connected health technology & medtech products

Design custom medical-grade smart products to empower your clients and expand their access to preventive healthcare.

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Creating a healthier world

We develop connected analysis and diagnostic tools with high-quality imaging and AIoT capabilities. With these HIPAA-regulated products, you can create new touchpoints with patients so they can access their own health data outside of medical settings. By democratizing access to healthtech, patients can track their well-being and receive personalized health advice. Provide a unique health experience that empowers patients to improve their daily health practices.

decline in readmission rates to clinics when patients can monitor and improve their health with tech-enabled care at home.

Helping the health-conscious consumer

Our IoMT technology gathers data from connected health wearables and products to provide an analysis and insights on the health and well-being of the user. This data is crucial for doctors to monitor the patient’s status and for the patient to manage their health from the comfort of their home.

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Design the ideal health companion

With access to our consumer surveys, board of scientists, and early tester feedback, you can be sure that your product idea will be perfectly tailored to your customer’s health needs. At the Baracoda corporate lab, work closely with innovation experts who specialize in building easy-to-use tools that track daily health metrics and provide action-oriented feedback to help improve users’ global health.

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Develop your healthtech from start to finish

Our team’s smart tech expertise is integrated throughout the product design, development, and manufacturing phases. We build prototypes to test product designs and then optimize the hardware production at our internationally-certified manufacturing facilities. If you want to upgrade existing medical devices, we build custom firmware that will bring IoMT capabilities to your products. To collect, analyze, and display data results and insights with portals for both patients and doctors, we develop bespoke software systems.

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Medically certified for consumer use

Our manufacturing facilities are certified ISO 13485 to develop safe medical devices. This certification is taken into consideration at every level of the product design and development process to ensure that there are no difficulties when obtaining product-level certifications. Additionally, products from our facilities are all built according to GDPR, HIPAA, CE, AND FDA certifications and data requirements.

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Upgrading health with AIoT

Your development teams can create connected healthtech products for your customers with our full-stack AIoT platform. Upgrading existing health and medical products with AI and IoMT technology is faster and cheaper thanks to our flexible low-code blocks that your teams can customize to fit your needs.

Types of features your health and medtech innovation can include

Balance and posture analysis

Heartrate analysis

Skin analysis

Body composition

Temperature monitoring

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a connected health device?

Connected health solutions are digital tools integrated with AI and IoT technology. They collect and analyze user health data such as heart rate, activities, weight, and temperature, to provide personalized suggestions on how to improve the patient’s health. This data may be securely shared via the cloud with healthcare providers.

What is SaMD technology?

Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) technology is software designed to carry out medical actions including diagnosing, treating, curing, and monitoring diseases. This software is developed to function independently without needing any medical hardware.

What is a Connected Care Platform?

Connected care platforms are digital platforms used to monitor and track a patient’s treatment. They may connect to smart medical devices or other healthcare systems to form a data hub. Using machine learning they may provide suggestions to improve a patient’s health and treatment.