Vision & History

Together, let’s create daily products for a healthier tomorrow.

Our vision extends far beyond simply designing connected objects - we create smart and enduring practices. Instead of inventing gadgets, we upgrade everyday products to empower people to take preventative healthcare into their own hands. Our products change the way people think about oral hygiene, skin health, weight, beauty, and more.

Bathroom with connected mirror, toothbrush, and matscale

The bathroom is our focus

Our innovation strategy centers around one of the main rooms in a house dedicated to preventive healthcare: the bathroom. In this space, we groom, we clean, we monitor, we beautify, and we heal. With our AIoT platform, technological expertise, and complex algorithms, we help companies innovate to empower their users to improve daily habits.

Baracoda CEO presenting in front of the company logo

Building our expertise

With varied skills, we aim to provide first-class access to innovating, developing, and manufacturing impactful healthtech products that consumers will love. Since 2000, our founders, Thomas Serval, Matthieu Delporte, and Olivier Giroud, have been disrupting the tech world and carving out a place for Baracoda at the forefront of innovation in France and abroad. Our ambition and innovative spirit have led to privileged partnerships with some of the world's leading companies.


  • First connected toothbrush - sparking simple changes in daily practices


  • First camera-based experience for toothbrushing - adding a new building block to our unique tech platform


  • First toothbrush with AI (CES Award) - building a smarter toothbrush


  • First Connected mirror (CES Award) - solidifying our focus on bathroom innovations with new technology


  • First Smart mirror providing daily monitoring (CES Award) - a new way to reflect on our health


  • First matscale™ with footprint recognition (CES Award) - weight is an index, balance is the real purpose
  • First skin analyzer through a camera and smart mirror (CES Award) - taking a closer look at skincare


  • First AI assistant integrated for daily health and hygiene prevention into a smart mirror (CES Award) - preventative care just got a lot smarter


  • BBalance smart matscale coaching experience (CES Award) - bringing guided fitness into your home
  • BCool connected thermometer (CES Award) - battery-free technology for a sustainable future


  • BHeart health tracking bracelet (CES Award) - battery-free technology for endless energy


  • BMind smart mirror (CES Award) - the world’s first smart mirror for mental wellness

...and beyond.

Baracoda will continue to usher in new preventive practices through daily objects.

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