Benefit from our custom software development services

Together, we can develop your bespoke software solution to fit your needs thanks to our full-stack in-house capabilities.

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Expert IoT software development

Upgrade your software solutions with our IoT development services so you can optimize your processes, improve inter-party communication, and bring smart products to everyday interactions. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing infrastructure, develop a new product, or just need expert IoT counseling, we’re there to guide you through each step.

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Tailored services for our client’s needs

Digital transformation can have a wide impact on your business processes and strategy. We provide advice and expert know-how to help you decide what kind of solution is best for your work environment or customer needs. As a service provider, we build bespoke software solutions, taking on the entire development process with our team’s extensive skills. If just one specific expertise is needed, our experts join the client's existing team to complete specific projects.

Full stack expertise


Get scalable, user-friendly apps thanks to our complete mobile app development skills.


Receive a custom on-premise or cloud-based solution to meet your company’s backend needs.

Web & Frontend

Develop effective and intuitive solutions that users will love with our custom web and frontend development expertise.

Quality Assurance

Ensure your product or system is reliable and designed for optimal performance and ease of use.

UI / UX Design

Build products that empower users and create more meaningful customer experiences.

DevOps (CI/CO)

Upgrade your company’s IT security and operation team’s infrastructure for optimal performance.

IoT & Hardware

Access advanced IoT expertise and upgrade analog systems and products with connected, smart technology.

Data Science

Get valuable business insights from our data science advanced analytics applications.

Product Management

Update your product offering with our product management expertise to map your product roadmap.

NextMotion app

We built a global medical imaging platform

Nextmotion wanted to make its medical imaging technology more accessible so patients could communicate with aestheticians before entering the office. They contacted Baracoda to develop their iOS application, back-end solution, and website for doctor-patient communication. Together we made an application that is now used by surgeons around the world. Following its great success, NextMotion asked Baracoda to manage the full scope of the technical platform in 2020.

The NextMotion application was named one of the 10 most innovative startups in the aesthetic industry (IMCAS 2021) and was awarded the No. 1 Innovative Solution in Aesthetics (AIME Award 2019).

Emmanuel Elard

“Baracoda's advisory role on architecture and technology selection has been very helpful in the project development. I can also recommend their software development and project management skills.”

Emmanuel Elard
Emmanuel Elard
CEO & Founder at NextMotion

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bespoke software development?

When software development is bespoke it’s built and customized for a specific client or company. As a result, it is built according to the specifications that the customer wants, including UX design, device compatibility, and range of features.

What are some advantages of tailor-made software?

There are several advantages to choosing custom software for your company. Some benefits include better data privacy and security, continuous user support, ensuring your solution has the features you need without adding extra complexities and costs, and scalability as the software is adapted to your environment.

What is bespoke vs off-the-shelf software?

Bespoke software is designed from start to finish according to the needs and specifications of the customer. Off-the-shelf software is a product that is made for the wider market with pre-set features and integrations that are not customized for each client.

What is meant by agile software development?

Agile software development is a methodology focused on building products efficiently yet flexibly. There are six steps in the agile development cycle: planning the development, completing the software design, coding the software, testing and iterating the components, releasing the software with final QA testing, and finally the production and maintenance of the software.