Welcome your guests with a smart hospitality experience

Differentiate your hospitality offering with customer-centric innovations that create a unique and personalized experience your guests are sure to love.

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Keep customers coming back

The hospitality industry hasn’t evolved in decades beyond the integration of basic digital guest services. Meanwhile, customers increasingly expect to find wellness opportunities and smart guest experiences they can enjoy during their stays. Enhance your customer experience with IoT technology and make it one that your guests won’t forget. Reassure your guests that their data are secure thanks to every product adhering to GDPR and CE certifications.

of consumers are willing to share some of their personal data for a better customer experience.

The future of innovation in hospitality

Integrate IoT-enabled hospitality technology into your amenities so guests can feel relaxed, learn about their holistic health, and focus on their well-being. With AI machine learning and data tracking, these smart hospitality amenities, like connected mirrors and bath mats, can learn about each guest’s routine and suggest personalized ways for them to further relax or take care of themselves during their stay.

BBalance smart bath mat

We create a personalized experience for your guests

Create touchpoints that engage guests and gather data on their routines and preferences in order to build personalized experiences for them.

BBalance, the world’s first smart bath mat, does this for guests during their morning and evening routines. One step on the mat while brushing their teeth or washing their face and it automatically measures the guest’s weight, body composition, balance, and posture. The data is accessible on an app that suggests exercises to improve the guest’s posture and balance.

The app is customizable. For example, it can direct those with low posture scores to spa services that realign and relax the body.

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Lead the change in the hospitality industry

Empower your guests with new products that update their vision of what it means to go to your establishment. Access the latest customer insights from our corporate lab, and work with our innovation team to develop smart products that fit your customers’ hospitality expectations and dreams. From smart energy management to voice-controlled hotel rooms, we bring your intelligent hotel solutions to life.

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Develop smart amenities with ease

For existing amenities, we can simply embed custom firmware into the products. If a new product design is needed, we can produce individual hardware components as well as manufacture the prototypes and final products based on the project’s needs. For any companion apps or amenities management systems, design a custom app with our full stack expertise software development teams. We simplify the process for you by offering all necessary services in one place.

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Create better customer experiences with AI and IoT

Development teams work faster and more efficiently with our full stack, low-code platform that allows them to quickly and easily integrate AI and IoT technology into your new and existing products and services. Implement a unique hospitality offering that leaves guests feeling empowered and excited to use your services again soon.

Types of features your hospitality innovation can include

Skin analysis

Balance and posture evaluator

Pollution analysis

Temperature check

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is IoT used in hospitality?

The hospitality industry uses IoT technology to provide a more personalized guest experience and streamline services, including automated guest registration, hotel equipment tracking and maintenance monitoring, and AI-enabled wellness products and services.

What is a personalized guest experience?

Personalized guest services tailor each individual’s stay to their needs and wants in order to provide a great customer experience. This includes elements as simple as lighting and pillow choice or integrating AI health monitoring technology to provide custom spa and wellness experience recommendations.

What is a digitalized guest experience?

Digital guest experiences include all customer service interactions that occur online whether through your website, social media accounts, mobile apps, or other digital touch points. These may be direct interactions with customer service representatives or experiences with IoT and AI-enabled tools and services.