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CES 2023: Enter the bathroom of the future

Meet us at Consumer Electronics Show to learn how we can help empower your users to improve their daily habits.

January 3-7, 2023


Smart Home – n°52939 - Sands – Venetian Expo AC

People testing BBalance smart bath mat

Discover our latest innovations

In the wake of the pandemic, improving our health and wellness has become more important than ever. Home, and specifically the bathroom, is the new health sanctuary space where consumers take care of themselves through fitness, relaxation, and beauty routines.

As an 8-time CES award-winning company, we create smart bathroom technologies that make consumers’ everyday routines healthier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

Join us at CES this year as we reveal some of our latest innovations!

BHeart health wearable

BHeart wins CES 2023 innovation award

BHeart is the world’s first self-charging health tracker. BHeart provides all the advantages of current health tech in a non-intrusive manner, and its eco-by-design structure is compatible with almost any standard watch. Thanks to its energy-harvesting technology, BHeart converts the user's body heat into sustainable energy to keep it running without ever needing to be recharged.

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Father and son playing with shaving cream in the bathroom

Making self-care accessible to all

Help consumers feel empowered to take care of their health at home and feel good while doing it. Smart products seamlessly integrated into users' routines encourage them to make small, data-based changes to their daily habits. Join Baracoda in the bathroom of the future where daily appliances and tools are interconnected for better preventive health.

Meet our innovators

Photo of Thomas

Thomas Serval

Co-Founder and CEO

Photo of Jean-Marc

Jean-Marc Druesne

CMO & CEO at BBalance

Photo of Stéphane

Stéphane Labrunie

Chief Business Officer

Photo of Matthieu

Matthieu Delporte

General Manager

Photo of Arsène

Arsène Laforge

Sales representative

Photo of Huong

Huong Le Dieu

Lead Product Manager

Photo of Nadia

Nadia Biryukova

Lead Communication Manager

Photo of Lukasz

Lukasz Czarnecki

Lead Product Manager

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Bathroom of the future

We built a virtual showcase for our award-winning innovations

Whether you’re attending CES in person or virtually, check out Baracoda’s virtual showroom. Step into the bathroom of the future and discover our vision for preventive health at home by exploring our latest innovations.

Logos of partner companies

We're building the bathroom of the future with our partners

Our innovative spirit, our highly advanced technology platform, and our commitment to excellence in daily healthtech have helped us forge lasting partnerships.

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About Baracoda

Baracoda is a leader in Daily Healthtech. They infuse connected tech into the everyday routine — leveraging AI, data analysis, machine learning, app development, gamification, and more. Baracoda launches products and scale business alongside global market leaders, relying on a unique B2B2C business model. Their CES-awarded innovation model is driven by quantitative indexes, developed in-house to recognize daily habits that improve health and wellness.