The full-stack SaaS platform to build AIoT products faster

We make IoT and AI easy to use, so you can focus on innovating smart products for your users.

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Putting the world of connected innovation at your fingertips

Our AIoT software provides a unified, integrated environment for defining and managing connected objects with AI capabilities.

IoT devices powered by our platform can run on a wide range of available hardware solutions with BLE, LoRa, and WiFi capabilities. Our software is also cloud-agnostic, so it can operate on top of any infrastructure providers, making it easy to integrate with your ecosystem.

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Go from concept to IoT solution in 30 minutes

Thanks to the low-code and intuitive configuration, our platform will empower developers to create more robust products faster and cheaper.

  • Define the system actors (users, IoT devices, cloud services)
  • Establish the flow of information between actors
  • Generate and deploy an optimized solution
  • Use your new system and avoid painful, long-lasting integrations
  • Manage and scale up your solution
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Add AI capabilities with ease

With our low-code AI framework you can both create new AI solutions for your business and leverage our library of ready-to-use models to combine them into your own unique workflows.

  • Lower the cost of AI model creation and maintenance with modular architecture and powerful tooling
  • Create and enrich datasets and train and deploy new models
  • Execute AI solutions in the cloud and on edge devices for data privacy
  • Perform rapid prototyping and on-device testing to connect R&D and production
BBalance smart mat

Building the world’s first smart bath mat

BBalance aims to disrupt the way people weigh themselves and promote a more holistic view of health. For this, the BBalance team wanted to integrate more health data into their matscale™ than just weight and body composition. They also wanted to ensure a seamless experience where users could track their bodies while knowing that their data were protected.

Using BLE protocols powered by the IoT platform, BBalance integrated the ability to retrieve the user’s weight and foot pressure map, which is also used to analyze the user’s balance and posture. To make sure users can’t access each other’s information, we used AI graphs from the AIoT platform to develop a footprint recognition system that can identify up to 100 individual users.

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Join our team

We are a team of highly-motivated specialists striving for continuous self-improvement alongside our mission to make the daily lives of users better. Our technical expertise covers embedded systems, cloud (backend and DevOps), web, mobile, and AI/ML. Our ultimate goal is to make AI and IoT available for everyone. If you’re looking for a new adventure, check out our job openings!

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